April 16, 2011

On The Road Again (Mel)

I am in a bit of a transitional stage in my life right now. My husband just started a job in Charleston SC, and we are currently living 426 miles apart. But who’s counting, right!? Lately my weekends have been consumed with road trips back and forth. The most difficult part of planning these trips has been ensuring that I am maintaining a healthy diet. I have found that the key to successful snacking on the road is pre planning! If you wait until you are out on the road the chance of finding any type of healthy food becomes near to impossible...especially somewhere past South of the Border. Stacy and I found this out the hard way right around Lumberton, NC! In preparation for today's road trip, I made a stop at my favorite local Richmond market, Ellwood Thompson's.
Here are the staples that I must have for a road trip:



A nutritious treat

And of course water

Inspired by Amy's quest to forgo caffeine and the weird reverse effect that caffeine had on me last weekend, I have decided to experiment with a caffeine alternative. After searching Ellwood Thompson's options, I decided to try wheatgrass.
I have often heard that wheatgrass has many health benefits, one being a boost of energy. In fact from reading more about wheatgrass I have learned that two ounces of wheatgrass is equivalent to three pounds of organic vegetables in vitamins and minerals. It also claims to give the same energy boost that could be found in two cups of coffee. I am hoping that all of this is true and I don't end up making an emergency coffee stop halfway to my destination. Either way I will be sure to report back on the results of this experiment. Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about trying to find a healthy meal out on the road. Thanks for the tips. I used to drink wheat grass all the time in LA. The way I see it is, if a cow can live off of just grass then it must be packed full of good stuff for everyone! Safe travels.


  2. So true Jody. But I think we are missing three stomachs :)