April 19, 2011

Sister Friends (Stacy)

The best thing my parents EVER did for me was to give me two amazing sisters! (and one really awesome brother but that post is for another day...love you Shane!) I have been absolutely blessed to have Amy and Mel in my life. I don't quite remember when it happened but quite a few years ago we started to refer to each other as "sister friends" and the name simply stuck. The moniker of sister friends seems to sum up perfectly the way we feel about each other. We are sisters by blood and that will never change but even if these ladies were not my sisters, I would choose them to be my friends. I am amazed at what incredible woman they are and I am constantly striving to be even half as cool as they are. My sisters have always been my best friends. We grew up doing absolutely everything together and even shared a room for most of our childhood. Unlike most sisters, we very rarely fought with each other...mostly because we were too busy having fun together and trying to plan our next adventure.  Sure, we had our disagreements and there were a few situations as adults that threatened to pull us all apart (I take full responsibility for most of our adult issues but those stories are for another day. Let's just say that I have not always made the right decisions...live and learn right?!Thank God that Amy and Mel have huge forgiving hearts!) but no matter what has happened in our lives, we have always managed to stick together and maintain our sister friend relationships.

This morning I found a picture of my nieces (Ava and Malia) that completely melted my heart, made me want to hug someone and gave me hope that the sister friend legacy will be continued. I can only hope that they are able to experience the depth of love, support, friendship, laughter and adventures that I have experienced with my sister friends.
Don't you feel like we should all just hug each other now? I need to find someone to hug...


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself Mel! LYBSFF!

  2. love that last picture :) and kinda wishing i had sisters!!

  3. Few things in life really matter and you 3 have chosen wisely!!!