April 18, 2011

Thoughts On A Long Run (Stacy)

Without fail, every Sunday morning for the past few years, I have pulled myself out of bed and set out on a long run. I absolutely LOVE my Sunday morning long runs and I look forward to them every week. Sometimes I run with friends or participate in a race but most of the time it is just me, my water bottle, a pair of running shoes and a huge collection of thoughts that have been stored in my mind all week long. I cherish the uninterrupted hours where I can siphon through the chaos, ideas, memories and questions running through my head.

This week, I set out on an absolutely gorgeous morning to conquer a particularly hilly but fun 15 mile loop. I spent the first two miles finding my rhythm and assessing my body to see how I felt. Once I had established a decent pace and was "in my running groove", I began to allow my mind to wander and these are a few of the things that I thought about:

-How much longer will it be before Ava and Malia (my nieces) are taller than me?
-How do squirrels climb sideways on trees?
-What should I have for breakfast?
-My socks totally don't match my shirt.
-I wonder if Casey had her baby yet.
-I thought I brought more water than this!
-What is Amy doing at Boot Camp? I bet they are having fun!
-Where should I move?
-I wonder if Mom and Edge have started their walk yet. I hope Edge's knees are feeling better. Poor guy.
-Wow! That guy is wearing a purple suit! I wonder if he picked that out or if his wife made him wear it?!?
-Why do my knees still hurt?
-I need to buy a bikini for vacation. How is it already bikini season again?
-Should I go on a date? Am I ready to date?
-Should I get a boob job?
-Man, there is pollen everywhere!
-I miss Dad and Susan
-I wonder if Shane is with the goats yet?
-How did the POW's endure such horrible conditions during World War 2? I can barely hold myself together through a long day at work.
-When will the judge finalize my divorce. I hope it is this week.
-I think I should have brought more than 1 bottle of water with me. Darn it!
-Mmmm! Tuna sounds really good right now! Maybe I should have a tuna steak for breakfast. maybe not though because that seems sort of weird.
-I hope that watermelon is good. I think it is still too early to be buying watermelon. Why did I buy a watermelon? What was I thinking?
-Did I check the mail yesterday?
-What should I make for Easter dinner?

And the thoughts went on and on and on...

As I made my way back home and finished up my run, I felt like I had worked through quite a few things in my mind. Honestly, running is my therapy and the best way I have found to deal with life and everything it throws at me. For now, my mind is refreshed, my legs are exhausted and I think I may need to go fix myself a tuna steak!


  1. Very funny Stacy. From "My socks totally don't match my shirt." to "Mmmm! Tuna sounds really good right now! Maybe I should have a tuna steak for breakfast. maybe not though because that seems sort of weird." Too, too funny!

  2. i'm glad i'm not the only one who can have some of these thoughts!! :)