May 13, 2011

The Dirty South Marathon Series (Stacy)

Way back in 2005, I ran my very first marathon. It was a life changing experience and created a love for distance running that I cling to even on the days when I don't feel like running.

In 2008, Mel and Billy ran their first marathon. We trained together all summer long and when they crossed the finish line, there were tears of pride, joy and relief in my eyes!

Over the years, Mel and Billy have become my faithful training partners and we have created quite a bond and shared so many miles of memories. Every year, we try to pick a marathon or two that we plan to focus on and then we lace up our running shoes, turn on our Garmins and cross our fingers that we will all make it to the finish line without injury and with smiles on our faces. Sometimes this plan works and other times we have had to deal with disappointment. Through it all though, I have had a blast with my two favorite running buddies.

Due to their upcoming move to Charleston, South Carolina, we will no longer be able to train together but that hasn't stopped us from making a marathon plan for the year. The plan this year is for each of us to train on our own and then we will meet up at the race to cheer each other on. I am very excited about our marathon plans for this year because although the schedule is a little bit optimistic, we are going to be trying three new races! I love to travel and explore new cities and this year we will be embarking on what Mel and I have dubbed The Dirty South Marathon Series. We will be running the Savannah Marathon in November,

the Charleston Marathon in January

and the New Orleans Marathon in March.

Not only will we be covering three new races, in three different states but the unofficial plan is to the fuel the entire thing with chicken, waffles and sweet tea vodka!

By the way, I am totally just kidding about the chicken and waffles...that would just be crazy! The sweet tea vodka however...

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  1. This reminds me of a conversation we once had not too long ago.:)

    JV in PB