May 27, 2011

Eating In The Heat - (Amy)

As the summer heat sets in, I tend to eat less cooked foods and more raw and cold foods. What are your favorites? One of my favorites is fresh, cold Tuna Pasta Salad.

I start with rotini noodles (or your favorite pasta) and cook them as directed. Once they are cooked, I drain them, give them a quick cold water rinse and place them in the fridge to cool off.

Next, I  chop up an assortment of veggies. I am a veggie addict and think that you can never have too many. Some I have used are bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, black olives, broccoli, edamame, peas, and fresh spinach. Feel free to be adventurous and try anything that sounds good. (Feta cheese, pine nuts, olives, sundried tomatoes, goat cheese, artichoke hearts, pecans and avocado are also great to mix in.)

Drain a family size can of tuna and grab a bottle of your favorite Italian dressing.

Now, all that is left to do is to mix all of the veggies, noodles, mix-ins, dressing and tuna together. Place the salad in the fridge to chill and serve with some crusty bread and chunks of fresh juicy watermelon. Mmmm!

The best part of this meal is that you can make a large bowl and it saves very well. In fact, I think this salad tastes best after two or three days of in the fridge.

So that's my answer to summer time eating....what's yours?

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  1. This sounds great with lots of watermelon....I've started to make this type of salad with hummas as my dressing and sometimes add boiled eggs for more protein.

    Your fan in PB!!!