May 9, 2011

Family of Strays - Lola (Mel)

The third and last addition to the Matheny family of strays is a black and white cat named Lola.
 Lola waltzed into our life a year after we moved into our first house. I had mentioned to my husband, literally only days before, that I really would like to have a cat. He had never had a cat growing up, and I felt that this was something he really should experience. But truthfully, the main reason was that I wanted a cat. A few days later, as we left our house, we saw a tiny black and white ball of fur run under our car and scurry up into the motor. We looked underneath the car and could not find this little creature. Terrified to start the car and confirm our fears that something was indeed inside the engine, we popped open the hood and began to investigate. We soon saw her tucked away amongst the wires and metal of the motor. My husband reached down into the motor and pulled out the tiniest, most adorable kitten I have ever seen. (and believe me, my family had A LOT of cats and kittens throughout my childhood, so this is not a completely biased opinion.) We both looked at this kitten that he held, and then looked at each other. We knew without having to say a word that she was meant to be ours. After much deliberation, we settled on the name Lola. We have found as we have gotten to know her personality that it is the perfect fit. When I think of the name Lola, I think of someone with a lot of sass, and Lola certainly fits that description. She was the smallest kitten I have ever seen and must have been the runt of the litter. Luckily, she was able to chew the food we bought for her, and began to put on weight. Through the years, Lola has found her niche in the family. She leads a life that I only dream about as I head out the door each day. She spends her days chasing a sun patch that splashes across our living room floor or curling up on her favorite blanket. She awakens long enough to sprint up and down our stairs for a frantic twenty minutes, eat some food and then it is back to sleep. Despite her habit of sleeping twenty two hours of the day, she is still a vital part of my marathon training... recovery! During the long runs that are essential leading up to a marathon, there is usually one thought that gets me through the tough miles and that is “finish this run and then you can go curl up on the couch with Lola!” That thought has been the magic mantra that has gotten me through many miles.
My family of strays is a wild quirky mix. I feel so blessed that each one has found their way into my family. I cannot imagine my life without each of these amazing creatures. They each have filled my heart with love and wonderful memories, with many more to come.

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  1. Lola is adorable!! I can see her personality in her face and totally get why you love her so much. One of my four cats was found as a tiny kitten in the motor compartment of the hearse that drove my dad's body to the cemetery in Georgia in 2003. My dad was not a cat lover by any means, but I always considered little Chuck Owen to be his way of saying he loved all of us and would always be with us! I brought her home with me to Oregon and she has been a special blessing every single day!