May 18, 2011

Kopali Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Bananas (Mel)

As Stacy has mentioned in a previous blog post, the wonderful people at Kopali sent some delicious treats for the Triple Threat ladies to sample. Kopali is an amazing organic food company. In reading further about them on their website, Kopali, I found a few things that make me feel that even if their products weren’t as amazing as they are I would still want to support them!

1. Their goal is the creation of eco friendly and sustainable villages in Costa Rica through a network of caring people. These people include developers and entrepreneurs to plan the community, farmers, teachers, artists, and a collection of any other kind people who wish give their talents to the new communities.

2. They are spreading “permacultre” which according to their website is defined as "consciously designed landscapes which mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while yielding an abundance of food, fiber and energy for provision of local needs." This means that the communities are focused on long term sustainability of the land and resources through biodiversity.

3. Their business principles focus primarily on enriching the people in the communities and the planet first and foremost. The profit they do receive is then put back into the community to sustain the local economy and support their commerce.

These are the type of ideals that will make me loyal to a company.

Ok, now back to my sample:

When the package arrived, we divided it up as fair as we possibly could. However, I am pretty sure that I got the best part of the whole deal….the dark chocolate covered bananas! I have to confess though, that after meeting with the Triple Threat ladies, and dividing the package, I headed off to class without a second thought about the safety of my dark chocolate covered bananas. When I returned to my car a few hours later, I was devastated to see that my wonderful treat had completely melted! However, when life gives you melted dark chocolate covered bananas what do you do? You make a strawberry Greek yogurt dark chocolate banana bowl of deliciousness! And that is just what I did!

Combine one bowl of strawberries

Plus a container of Greek yogurt

Top with the melted dark chocolate covered bananas

and enjoy the fruity, creamy, decadent treat!

Kopali Organics for the win!

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