May 13, 2011

May Recipe Challenge - Strawberries

What can we say? Life has been so very busy for all three of us and we just remembered that we needed to pick an ingredient for the May Recipe Challenge. This month turned out to be a very easy choice for us because strawberries are everywhere right now and they just seem appropriate for spring time recipes. By midnight on May 31 st, all three of us will have a delicious and creative strawberry recipe posted on the blog. The only rule to this challenge is that the recipe MUST contain strawberries, other than that it is a complete free for all.

Savory, sweet, entree, dessert, appetizer, canning, pickling, baking...its all on the table. SO now it is time to get creative and make this month all about strawberries. As usual we would absolutely love to have our readers join in on the challenge. If you have a delicious strawberry recipe to share please feel free to post about it in the comment section or you can also submit your recipe to me via email at Let's get creative!

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