May 4, 2011

Miles of Smiles (Mel)

Want to know what I am doing at work tonight?
Reading this blog:
No Meat Athlete
I stumbled across this blog while scanning the internet and it is a great fit for a vegetarian runner like me. However I have noticed that it attracts many types of eaters and athletes. I really enjoyed a guest post by Susan Lacke titled 27 Things Your Training Partner Won’t Tell You.
 I was thinking of my faithful running partners Stacy and Billy throughout the entire list, but especially Number 27…

27. Even if a training partner is faster than you, don't discount yourself. Chances are very good that person admires something about you: Your positive attitude, your ability to make compression shorts look good, your persistence…whatever it is, keep it up. There's a reason they're still training with you, you bad ass.

Check it out if you have some time. Chances are you will relate to or all of them...and Stacy and Billy….thanks for all the smiles and miles!

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