May 11, 2011

Running Gadgets (Mel)

I have often been asked if I use an i-pod while running. The simple answer is basically no. I have brought an i-pod along at times just in case a dose of musical motivation is needed during a long difficult race. While training I use a Garmin to track the miles, and a water bottle. However 99% of the time, when I am running I am gadget free. I love hearing the sounds of the event, the people making comments around me and the sound of the feet hitting the ground. I was browsing the internet at work (as usual ) and I came across the king of running gadgets.
Check it out….

Meet Joseph Tame.

He is a marathon runner who has taken running gadgets to another level. He ran the Tokyo Marathon on February 27, 2011. However Joseph Tame decided that he wanted to make his marathon a live action sport. He had live internet coverage of his race through the use of an i-pad and four i-phones. Along with live internet coverage, he was able to connect with supporters via i-phone who were then able to type out his verbal tweets. He also accessorized with some colorful pink bunnies. If you want to find out more about Joseph Tame check out his article on CNN.

Tokyo Marathon Gadget Man

But this article caused me to ponder a couple questions…

- Do any of you use running gadgets?
- And if you do use running gadgets, what are they?
- Should marathons be a live action sport?

Have a fabulous day!

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