May 14, 2011

Running Update (Amy)

So I am still running for my Beach Body Challenge! Still not a fan but  I am pushing through. I would enjoy it much more if I wasn't stuck on a treadmill but I do love being able to pace myself on the treadmill. Perhaps my favorite thing about all this running is that I realized I am better at it then I use to be. Yippee!

I use to be huffing and puffing at the slowest pace, like 10 min miles. My first run I discovered that an 8 minute mile pace was rather comfortable and when a good song was pumping the 7 minute mile was...wait for it.....enjoyable! (I know I am thinking WTH myself!)

So every day I lace up my shoes put on my headphones and press start on the treadmill for my gym team. I must say I am glad my run is done for today, but tomorrow I will add more miles and get at least 5 more miles closer to my goal!

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