May 18, 2011

This Is Why I Do What I Do ( Amy)

This week has been so inspirational and rewarding that I just have to share how proud I am. Almost every day, I get the privilege to lead so many incredible people through their workouts. Watching them attempt things that they never thought they would be able to accomplish or to push themselves just a little harder than before is always so inspiring for me. However, what I absolutely love is when they achieve something that they swore to me they would never be able to accomplish. That look on their face, when they realize "Holy treadmill!! I'm actually doing it", or they finally shed those extra pounds, or realize that they now have a defined and sexy muscle, or that their range of motion has increased allowing them to perform an activity that was previously impossible...and on and on it goes! This past week, I was able to observe some extremely hard working people achieve some of these amazing accomplishments.

There was one man at the gym who has just been kicking his own butt to win the Beach Challenge that we have going on. Outside of the obvious weight loss, he is not afraid to attempt any class on the schedule. So with this spirit, he walked into perhaps one of the most cardio intense classes on the schedule. Along with the  expected nerves of the unknown and a little doubt that he would ever make it through the entire hour, he jumped in with both feet and went hard. When the hour was over, he walked out of that room completely drenched from sweat! I swear he had sweat dripping off his shirt! However, the thing I loved the most was the smile on his face when we were stretching and he realized that he had done it!

Another woman I know has gone through some major stress in her life and has been unable to maintain a healthy weight. I ran into her at the gym and she mentioned that she was trying to put some weight on to get back to a healthy weight. I gave her a few suggestions on classes and other things she could do. I watched  her walk into a class and knew that she was extremely sore but hoped she would keep up with it. A week later, I saw her and she was ALL smiles! She was back in class and was excited to tell me that she had managed to gain a few much needed pounds. I was so excited for her and I am happy to watch her continue on this path to a healthy body.

Ok just one more...this perhaps to me was one of the most rewarding. On Tuesday mornings I teach TRX suspension training which I love. I have a very, very, very dedicated woman that comes every week at 6:00am with a smile and sleepy eyes. For the next hour, she pushes through hard challenges as sweat drips from her body. When we first started with the TRX training, she would give me these looks that said, "Yep, no way in hell". Over the next few months we worked and we worked and we played around with options. Now, if you have never done TRX, the plank takes your normal plank to a whole new level. Well yesterday, we slid our feet into the straps and I went through all of the options for planks. As I looked around the room to make sure every one's form was correct, I watched as this woman pushed up off of her knees into a full  plank and then held it for 30 seconds. The determination on her face to finish pushed her to hold that plank through  all of the sweat dripping down her face and a shaky body. When she came down the look on her face said it all!

Of course, there are many other stories...some that I am able to be a part of and I many that I will never even know. This is why I do what I do. I cannot wait to see what these three inspirational people and the many other people I am blessed to work with will accomplish!

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