May 6, 2011

Three Years Later… (Mel)

So I woke up on Tuesday morning to an exhilarating discovery!!!

I have been waiting to see this flower for THREE YEARS! Let me backtrack and fill all of you in…

Summer of 2008 I spruced up my patio garden area with some shrubs and flowers. We picked up very low maintenance plants because my thumb is any shade other than green. I did my part and mulched, watered and cared for the plants. However, every year without fail this guy...

...has decided that he needs to dig up this particular bush. I would go outside, find it uprooted, replant it, give Seysh an evil look, and on and on the cycle went year after year. This year however the bush has prevailed! I have always wondered what the flower would look like and now I finally know!!!!

It really is the little things in life!!

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