June 7, 2011

Houseguest (Mel)

So this week I packed all my belongings and placed them on a truck to be taken to South Carolina. Seeing as I am now here in Richmond with an empty house, Stacy has been kind enough to share her apartment with me. So I am crashing at her place, and I am sure crashing her style. One thing that you must know about Stacy and I, is that we are completely different when it comes to our organizational skills. Stacy is the essence of organization, and manages to have everything planned out to the tiniest detail. I am more of a fly by the seat of your pants girl and take on tasks as they present themselves. Because of this I am almost certain that it makes me a very hard house guest to have. Let’s take a look at
Exhibit A:
As you can plainly see by this picture, that to the untrained eye this is just a messy pile of things. However, there is some sort of system that I have implemented so that I am able to somehow throw together an outfit each morning.
Exhibit B:
As you can plainly see from this picture I am very happy with my pile of stuff. However, I am going to try and clean this up a bit in order to be a bit more accommodating to my wonderful host. With all that said I am having a blast rooming with Stacy!We have gotten to go on some awesome runs, made some delicious food, and even talk late into the night. I almost feel like we are kids sharing a room again, but even better since we are in charge Sorry about the mess Stacy, and thanks so much for sharing your home!

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