June 9, 2011

On Being Amy For A Day (Stacy)

Yesterday, Mel and I followed Amy around all day long and attended almost all of her exercise classes (we had to sneak out of one due to some scheduling issues). It was so much fun and definitely exhausting. We started the day off with a 6:00 am cycle class which was an absolute blast. It was a great way to wake up and get our sweat on before the day began. After cycle we had a little bit of a break until Body Attack at 11:00. Body Attack is a super fun class with all sorts of plyometric drills and interval training. I love going to that class! During the afternoon I had a chance to work on packing and more moving stuff and then it was off to the gym again for a 30 minute abs class followed by Body Pump. Following Amy around for the day was incredibly fun but it also made me see my sister in a new way. She is an amazing person and I adore having her as my sister. However, I never realized just how much energy and passion she puts into her job. Amy works so hard at making everyone in the class feel welcome and she powers through each of the workouts like she has all the energy in the world. In between the exercise classes, she is an amazing mom, wife, sister, friend and so much more. I am truly blessed to have the original wonder woman as my sister!

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